Cool weather makes it feel like Christmas

posted by Jeff | Friday, December 9, 2016, 10:18 PM | comments: 0

Living in Florida definitely changes your perspective about a lot of things. Politically it's a shit-show, demographically and socioeconomically it's always in conflict, but there isn't a lot to complain about with regard to weather until there's a hurricane. The surprising thing for me is that Christmas feels differently because of the weather. This is our fourth in the Sunshine State.

We're in a little cold spell right now. I actually turned on the heat today in the afternoon, and with the sun hitting the west side of the house (where my office is), it was very comfortable by dinner time. But the real story is that with flannel pajama pants and the coolness, it feels more like the Christmas season. Diana also put up the secondary tree in the front room, which also makes it more festive. I'm wondering if I can talk her into leaving it all up for an extra week after the new year.

What has been missing for me is that I haven't gotten out much. With the new job, I don't go downtown that often, and with no Osborne Family lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios, we haven't seen a lot of theme park Christmas either. We need to fix that, because we've got a week before the 15-day passholder blackout begins. I absolutely love the parks this time of year. I don't even have to ride anything... the lights and the music put you in the mood. It's really fantastic.

The first year we were here, we didn't get a really cold spell until February, down into the 30's. We're otherwise having a freakishly warm December, with a number of 80+ days in the next 10 days, at least 10 degrees over normal. That's a bummer. The cooler weather feels more like what I was programmed in Cleveland to feel like the holidays.


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