Cough cough cough

posted by Jeff | Thursday, May 5, 2011, 10:44 PM | comments: 0

Diana called the doctor this morning, because Simon's cough just sounds completely strange. Last night, he also ended up barfing again. With no fever, that makes it even more weird. We theorized he was just pulling down too much mucus or something. Then he did it again this afternoon. The doc wanted to bring him in.

Simon was excellent for Dr. Cargo Pants (though she was not wearing cargo pants this time). He let her stick the stethoscope down his shirt without even a squirm. Looking in the ears, he was a little less happy, but still pretty good. I was amazed at how at ease he really was. Granted, she's got a way about her that he responds to.

He checked out OK, and she said not to be really concerned unless it goes on for two weeks. We've got his mattress propped up a bit, and the humidifier on, so hopefully that will help. The worst thing is that he tends to keep his binky in his mouth by biting the hard plastic part, so his mouth isn't really closed. I gotta think that's drying him out further. Last night he seemed to breathe easier without one in his mouth when I went to check on him. Granted, it's only part of his sleep ritual, but I wonder when we should start to break him of the habit.

He got up with some nasty hacks this evening, but a little holding and some upright coughing, and he was good. He fell asleep on my shoulder while rocking, which was pretty awesome. He's not much of a cuddler, and hasn't been since his first few months. I miss that. I loved feeding him late, then just holding him for awhile. I can't believe how fast those times passed. As of today, I already have a 14-month-old.

I hope he sleeps well tonight, not just for his sake, but Diana's. She's not getting much rest this week.


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