Crazy air conditioning problem

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, June 14, 2005, 9:52 PM | comments: 0

When we got home Sunday morning from our PKI/BeastBuzz trip, there was a big puddle in the red room. Yeah, that's the room with the new carpet. What the hell?

Remember that room is on a slab, as it's positioned behind the garage. Turns out the water was coming from the furnace. I'm not sure why I didn't turn the air conditioning off anyway while we were gone, but what was done was done. I wiggled the drain pipe from the furnace to the drain in the floor and it seemed to bust loose a clog, so that's apparently where the water was coming from.

I used our carpet cleaner to suck as much water out as I could, but a lot of it was clearly under the padding, which is laminated on the side, ironically enough to keep liquid from seeping in. I put the fan on it the last two days and that has mostly dried it out, and it doesn't stink too bad. The worst stink I realized this morning was coming from the standing water under the furnace, so I'm drying that out now.

I'm not sure I like our house anymore. It's only four years old, but stupid shit like this concerns me. We've had a lot of silly things like that around the house, some more serious but in warranty (like the leaky window that brought down the ceiling in, you guessed it, the red room). Oh well, at least the roof doesn't leak.


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