Crisis and resolution for my volleyball kids

posted by Jeff | Friday, March 19, 2004, 8:42 AM | comments: 1
Here's something I didn't expect. One of my kids quit the team yesterday. The short story is that she felt she couldn't commit the time for practices because of work, and was planning to miss regionals and the qualifier in Baltimore. It's a damn shame, because she's insanely talented. She already missed three practices and half of a tournament. I tried to convince her that she has to work the rest of her life, have fun now, but she didn't buy it.

In an even more unexpected event, I drafted one of my players from last year and two years before that as her replacement. This girl is a senior, actually, but she's up one year for some reason. So she's "older" but not really. It never occurred to me that she was still young enough to play 17.

She's been to a few practices to hang out, she already knows the offense and the kids seem to like her. I think she'll be a pretty good fit. Now I just hope she can help us get that trip to Houston.



March 19, 2004, 2:11 PM # I remember our baseball coach telling us numerous times that we have the rest of our lives to work. He didn't realize that our parents weren't shelling our an 'allowance' for us to blow on the weekends.

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