Darkness saving time

posted by Jeff | Friday, November 5, 2021, 3:54 PM | comments: 0

It's coming this weekend, the dreaded "fall back" in time. When even way down here in Florida, 6pm is entirely too dark. Sunset will be at 5:37 on Sunday. Ugh.

I'm very sensitive to needing light, which is kind of hilarious because I also tend to sunburn easily. As I've said countless times, winters in Cleveland were just brutal, and I didn't truly appreciate it until I moved to Seattle, believe it or not. Yeah, what you think winter is like there isn't accurate. It "mists" a lot of the winter, but you don't get weeks of flat gray skies like you do in Cleveland. I knew moving back there that we couldn't stay very long. A lack of sunlight definitely fuels non-happy feelings for me. I hesitate to call it depression, but it's probably that. I've been feeling it today with one of those rare total wash-out days of rain.

Technically, we're returning to "standard time," which as I see it, isn't great. I don't know a single human who would prefer for it to be getting dark when they're done with work (assuming they work a 9 to 5). It seems to me that "daylight saving" should be standard, and year-round.


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