Date fail (and that's OK)

posted by Jeff | Friday, February 22, 2013, 6:55 PM | comments: 0

As we decided to mostly forego Christmas gifts (sewing machine not withstanding), we were a little more creative about what we would try to do this year for or with each other. A cruise was part of that, but also a commitment to making sure we got out at least once a month on a real date, without Simon. The truth is that we generally do an OK job at finding "us time," and frankly much of our us time is great when Simon is with us. We take a lot of pride in the fact that we're generally pretty content to do stuff that includes him.

Still, it's also nice to have time where dinner isn't cut short by an impatient toddler, or some other activity isn't rushed because of some concession. In January we went the obvious route and had dinner in a place we knew it would ordinarily require a wait. This month, we were on the cruise the first weekend, so we pushed it to last weekend, with plans to go to the art museum. Simon got sick, so we pushed it to this week. On the eve of that date, we're both still suboptimal, so we've just given up for this month.

And honestly, that's OK. I mean, a side effect of us all being sick is that we've spent quite a bit of time together, and we also had a couple of hours on the ship away from the boy. We have a pretty solid list of things to do.

This is one of the disadvantages we're still struggling with in Cleveland. When we were in Seattle, of course we had babysitting exchanges with Diana's brother, but we also had our whole network of PEPS-folk, all with kids we saw on a regular basis around the same age. Babysitting is expensive when it's not on trade.


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