DDRMAX2 is out today

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, September 24, 2003, 11:05 AM | comments: 2
So begins another chapter in the Dance Dance Revolution saga. If you're not familiar, DDR is a music arcade game where you pound the arrows on the stage as arrows on screen appear, which creates something that's a little like dancing. About a year ago, Kara convinced me to get on the stupid game at Cedar Point. I was so fucking hooked at that point. The very next weekend I went to CP with a friend and played some more. At that point, Stephanie pretty much encouraged me to buy a PlayStation2 and get the game (DDR Konamix). Life hasn't been quite the same since.

Just a couple of weeks after we bought the PS2, DDRMAX came out for the console, and we got that. Eventually we also scraped up the first DDR, though never scored the Disney version. By November of last year, we were kicking some minor ass.

We played and played, and although we kind of let it lapse a bit this summer, we're getting back into it again. Today, DDRMAX2 comes out for the PS2, which means a bunch of new songs, some old favorites, and new challenges. It's a good day.

We're both pretty good at six and a few seven footers, but haven't played enough lately to have the stamina for more. Heck, we can even tear it up on doubles. Hopefully this new version will motivate me to play frequently, because it's pretty much the only physical activity I get.

I'll post a review tomorrow...



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September 26, 2003, 1:08 AM # Jackass. :)

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