posted by Jeff | Sunday, August 29, 2010, 11:35 AM | comments: 0

Simon's teething story just keeps getting better. First there was the one, maybe two teeth trying to get out from his bottom gums during the last week. They've still not quite made it, but you can tell they're there. Then there was the surprise the other day about his two top teeth on the left side coming through. Today I looked, and found that two top teeth on the right side are well on their way as well.

That's right, he's been working on six teeth at the same time. Six! And he's had two now for a couple of months.

He had his moments yesterday, but wasn't totally miserable. He woke up this morning pretty happy (both times), but before his current nap in progress, he had a bit of a pain meltdown, grabbing the ears and screaming. We Orajel'd him and gave him Tylenol, and he seems to have chilled out a bit. Since the teething started to get serious, he has started to whimper, which is just about the worst thing ever. He sounds so pathetic.

One positive side effect: He seems to be warming up to cuddling. I suppose it goes with his overall loosening requirements about his sleeping conditions. I really enjoyed having him sleep on my lap on the plane.


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