Dexterity and cuddles

posted by Jeff | Saturday, August 6, 2011, 7:48 PM | comments: 0

Simon seemed to get into a rut for a few weeks. It felt like he wasn't really accomplishing anything new.

One of the suggestions from his therapist was that we might have gone too far in making things easier for him. For example, we would regularly help him climb on the couch, or help him play, etc. So we've tried to back off and just let him do stuff, and it's quickly paying off.

He finally started standing up in the middle of a room without help, just last week. He used to crawl to something he could hold on to, which as you might imagine, did not help him outside. At the playground, he's getting up and down the steps on his own, and getting across the bouncy bridge. He even started to sit down at the slide and go down by himself! Today he actually stepped down into the wood chips from the sidewalk, which for some reason he wouldn't previously do without help.

Verbally, he's slow going, and that's a little frustrating. He's making more noises, but it seems he's using fewer words. He's not saying "night night" at bed time, and even "ma ma" and "da da" seem to have disappeared from regular use. Diana is however being very patient with him in getting him to make decisions for himself. So when he signs "more" at meal time, she gives him choices, and he picks something. He is learning to communicate more specifically, but it's not as verbal as we'd like.

He has started a new thing that we as parents are pretty crazy about. He likes to bring stuff to us, then sit down in our laps and play. That is super cute, and very gratifying. I can't get enough of that.


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