Diana to the rescue

posted by Jeff | Saturday, September 5, 2009, 6:19 PM | comments: 0

Last night, when Diana got home, she was upbeat and suggested we go to Cedar Point. I was a little reluctant, because I knew we'd only get two hours. I wanted to go some time this week and bring someone on the comp I had (sorry, Leo), but I got so preoccupied with the phone interviews and one of my projects that it just didn't happen.

So we had some Famous Dave's and walked around a bit. We did Giant Wheel and Space Spiral, and of course that's about the extent of things she could ride. I could have jumped on Raptor, and intended to, but we were hell bent on getting fresh chips before they closed so I skipped it. Also ran into Bill S. and got to walk through the new Toy Factory haunt. Work in progress, but wow is it gonna be cool.

I really needed that, and I'm thankful she suggested it. We've not done any leisure travel in about five months now, and there are so many things lately that are keeping our stress level high. We're in dire need of some release. The Fall Affair can't come soon enough.


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