Diana's new old iPhone

posted by Jeff | Sunday, July 19, 2009, 12:20 AM | comments: 0

I signed up Diana on a family plan on AT&T using my old iPhone today. Basically it costs $40 more than my plan alone, which is more than her old T-Mobile plan, but it includes unlimited data and 200 text messages, which she obviously didn't have for her crappy Razr. She's thrilled to have it.

Think about why that's so weird. She's excited to have a two-year-old phone. Most phones are virtually disposable, let alone something someone would desire. The last non-iPhone I had was a Samsung, which held up OK I suppose because I had a leather condom for it, but others weren't so lucky. They must have sold a bazillion of those, because I had several friends and volleyball kids that had them. I remember Kara managed to get three years out of hers, with tape holding it together. Most previous phones weren't much better.

My first phone was some giant brick of a thing that I suspect was relatively indestructible. Then I got a Motorola StarTAC, and it was awesome. They were a sign of things to come though, as they were known for cracking hinges. It all went down hill from there. I remember Stephanie got one of those earlier Nokias (with the trademark ringtone) that had the interchangeable face plates. She dropped it, and the antenna element inside actually broke off the circuit board. What a piece of junk that was.

Other than the StarTAC, I never really liked any phone I ever had. They were all cheap and crappy devices with no shelf life. But this iPhone... I'm still surprised at the impact it has had. It's surprisingly durable. I always got exceptional battery life too, generally going three days without a charge (I don't talk much). It's in really good shape and I think Diana will dig it. And it's pretty cheap considering there's no contract associated with it at this point.

It's funny, but I'm really just getting into the apps recently. The 3GS, with all of the game playing and nonsense is going about every other day for a charge. I like to "exercise" batteries and not constantly charge them mid-drain, in case their charging circuitry isn't smart enough to compensate for those cycles.

In any case, Diana is one of us now, even if it's with the "vintage" model.


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