Doctor visit

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, November 1, 2006, 12:45 PM | comments: 0

I survived my first doctor visit in fifteen years, or so it would appear.

The doctor said all of my vitals are "super normal," and an EKG didn't show anything weird either. I still have to wait to see what if the blood work shows anything not normal. He wasn't happy about not finding anything regarding the arrhythmia though, so he gave me a heart monitor to wear for the next week. If I get the weirdness again, I push a button to record it.

He thinks it's probably stress related, and aggrevated by lots of caffeine and alcohol over the weekend, but that depends heavily on what comes back from the lab.

Overall, he said I was pretty healthy for someone my age, aside from the need to lose some weight. I guess I was expecting much worse. I'm glad my insurance covered having a doctor with the Cleveland Clinic too, because their facilities are very full-service.

So I'll cross my fingers that the labs don't show anything scary.


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