Dreamy writing ideas

posted by Jeff | Saturday, August 11, 2012, 12:01 AM | comments: 0

As many dear readers know, there are a number of things that I strive to achieve, then complain about when I don't. This begs the question of why I would want so much to do things that are not easy, that I would likely do right this moment if I truly enjoyed doing them.

This is not about that.

Writing is something I want to do because it results in some kind of benefit for the consumer. This is particularly true when writing for film. Well, it's all video now, but you know what I mean. I have most of the gear I would need right this moment to make a film, but I don't have any source material to make it happen. I've come to realize that this is because of two things. First, I think I'm a shitty screenwriter. Second, I want to skip the writing and just make a movie. There are peripheral issues as well, like the fact that writing is generally a solitary activity, and I'm not one who particularly enjoys being solitary.

To my surprise, there are things coming to me anyway. I'm surprised because the ideas have been coming to me as dreams right before I wake up. Twice in the recent past, I've opened my eyes, grabbed my phone, and jotted down some notes in a OneNote I have. Both ideas are dramas, though one of them has a romance subplot. I'm sure they include elements of things I've seen, but they otherwise seem reasonably original. I wish I could dream up something funny now, because I really want to write something with dick and fart jokes.

From a more practical standpoint, I want to make a short first. These ideas are surprisingly harder, because it's hard for me to limit the scope of my ideas. I've toyed with the idea of taking a fable and making it modern. That relieves me from having to come up with a story arc and gets me to writing dialog.

Something is waking up my creative mind lately, and I suspect it's a combination of some mind-numbing work and the observation of my young son developing a sense of curiosity. I think creativity in this case is my brain's response to dull days.


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