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Diana and I went to see Enchanted last night. It's one of several movies we want to see, and it just turned out that was the one that had the right time.

Yeah, I am admitting it. I wanted to see it. Dreamworks has been making fun of Disney for years now with Shrek, and I was anxious to see if Disney could really let loose enough to make fun of itself. They did it, sure, but somehow managed to put a little magic into it, not surprisingly, with music. There are around three significant numbers, with extensive dance routines.

It was reasonably predictable, but entertaining. Not sure if kids would get all of the jokes, but I think the movie was trying to say something about people being jaded with regards to the longevity of relationships.

I couldn't think of where I had seen Amy Adams, the lead before, but she was in the wholly terrible Talladega Nights and the equally terrible Tenacious D and The Pick of Destiny. She's been in a number of small parts on Buffy, Smallville, That 70s Show and Charmed, so it's no wonder there's a vague sense that I've seen her before. She's very charming, actually, and has a lot of current work lined up. She's in Charlie Wilson's War as well, which I'd like to see. She was also in Drop Dead Gorgeous, which if you've never seen, is pretty hilarious.

Following in Hugh Jackman's footsteps, James Marsden plays an incredibly gay prince charming type, and honestly, comedy suits him. I never took him that seriously as Cyclops.

Overall though, fun movie. The kids will love it. Worth the rental.


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