Every day is a new adventure in development

posted by Jeff | Sunday, August 5, 2012, 10:48 PM | comments: 0

I know that I gush a lot about Simon. I suppose that's what parents are supposed to do. While we've had some concerns about his development, both in speech and physical issues, having him in the birth-to-3 intervention program has very obviously been good for him. What's most remarkable is the little things we see every single day.

On the physical front, we've been encouraging him to climb the stairs with his less dominant leg. One of his therapists at school noticed that he almost couldn't step up with the other leg, which is bad news. After just a week or two, he started taking the initiative to do it on his own (perhaps for the praise), and now he's even climbing no-hands.

I'm also noticing little things in the way he plays. With toys that have many parts that interact, he does a lot more experimentation in how he orients objects. Shape sorters, blocks and other things are starting to get easy for him.

Meanwhile, the words are starting to come, and even coming in groups now. A lot of it is mimicking and repetition, and it comes from reading books, and surprisingly, watching Word World, a PBS show. I think what's most encouraging about it is that a lot of these words come unprompted and unexpectedly.

I find myself just watching Simon, quite a bit. I mean, it's strange how often I find myself just getting intense enjoyment by seeing him do stuff. It's hard not to smile at all of this development going on right there in front of you. I realize that pretty much every kid goes through this, we all do, but it's something entirely different to watch it happen with a front row seat.


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