Fall is the best time of the year

posted by Jeff | Thursday, September 18, 2003, 11:35 AM | comments: 1
Yep... it's officially fall. I love this time of year. Just as Steph mentioned in her recent entry, part of that is enjoying the fall atmosphere at Cedar Point. It looks now like the rain may clear out by tomorrow night, which would really kick ass.

I wish I could put my finger on what makes it such a neat time of year. I guess part of it for me is that so many cool things for me have happened in the fall. I got married in the fall, used to start new school years in college in the fall, visit CP on fall Friday nights, hang out with friends in the fall, wear warmer clothes and snuggle with my honey more... all kinds of little things. And losing my job in 2001 in the fall didn't even ruin all of that... it's that special of a time of year.

You know what else is weird, is that people watching at CP is more fun too. While summer reveals a ton of skin for the dirty-old-man-in-training that I am, there's something very subtle and attractive about a girl wearing a big flanel or hoodie. I'm sure Steph would agree.

In other exciting news, the new DDR for PS2 comes out next week, almost a year to the day that Kara got me hooked on that fucking game. I haven't played as much as I used to, so hopefully this will get me in the groove again and losing a little weight again.


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