Feeling annoyed

posted by Jeff | Monday, November 22, 2004, 9:49 PM | comments: 0
Have you ever had a number of things kind of just generally piss you off? There are a few relatively minor things in my life right now that do just that (minor in the sense that they're not precisely a direct detriment to my own life).

The worst thing is that these are things mostly outside of my control, and I've gone a long way in trying not to let such things bother me.

I guess the interesting twist is that I'm starting to care about stuff again, the way I did in college. You know, causes, crusades, taking a stand in things. It's not that I ever stopped caring as much as too many other things were keeping me down (like The Man). Yet another interesting development in the realm of self-employment. Who knew looking out for Number One would end up benefiting everyone else?


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