Finally got a bike ride in today

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, September 9, 2009, 12:38 AM | comments: 0

I haven't been on the bike in about a month. August was just a weird month for a hundred reasons, and I just didn't feel like myself. There was the strange rash, the frustration with the job situation, the realization of future parenthood, the house situation... all causing me to feel like something other than myself. I just got disengaged with so many things, including working on my projects (my hour log drastically took a hit compared to July) and riding.

This afternoon, once the rain had passed and it warmed up a little, I was having that engagement issue and just couldn't stand to be sitting, so I went down to the park and banged out the usual 6.7 mile route I've grown accustomed to. My average speed sucked compared to previous rides, but I just wanted to do it. I was spinning down in a big gear and just enjoying being outside, smelling the fresh air and the start of fall. It felt really good, and I didn't care about the numbers.

Despite the lack of physical activity, I have for the most part stuck to better eating. I'm on track to hit the 2005 weight in a couple of weeks, as planned. It has been pretty easy, even without any official Weight Watchers resources, because it just becomes habit once you know the system. I use an iPhone app called iLog It, which requires you to plug in the formula (points formula is patented, so they can't include it), but honestly I find myself going until Thursday and stop logging, just knowing what I've got left for the weekend. Wired illustrated this is the point of the system a couple of months ago.

The ideal would be to drop another 20 pounds over the course of the next six months, putting me around my college freshman weight. I suspect half of that will come with diet alone, so I'm not sure what to do in terms of physical activity since I pretty much hate exercise of all kinds (especially in the gym) that aren't volleyball or cycling. If I'm working, there are definitely tennis lessons in my future. I can get into that since it doesn't seem like exercise.

The end game for all of this is more behavior change than anything. The numbers aren't important as much as they're a measurement that reflects the change. I want to get to a point where I'm not abusing my body anymore. I'm not interested in becoming a finely tuned athlete or any nonsense like that, but I do want to reach a point where I can set an example for my kid about what not to do, and increase the chance I can be there for her in the long run by minimizing risk going forward.


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