Financial brain dump

posted by Jeff | Monday, June 28, 2010, 11:41 PM | comments: 1

Getting rid of Diana's house caused me to obsess a great deal tonight about finances. (So much for working on projects!) The very surprising reality, and I truly didn't expect this, is that we should be able to clear personal credit card debt in six weeks. The business looks more like eight to ten if Google keeps kicking ass with ads. But still, the point is that we entered the state of Washington with around $25k. Excuse me if I want to pat myself on the back a little!

On the non-liquid saving side, we're probably about eight years behind, mostly because of my own youthful douchebaggery, but it doesn't look hopeless or anything. Upward market correction alone (if you're optimistic enough to believe it'll eventually come) will knock a few years off of that.

The truly strange thing for me to think about is that, if I can get rid of my house, I will have the lowest monthly financial obligation I've had in about ten years. And that's while making more than I ever did back east, having one income and a child. Given the higher cost of living here, that's completely strange and unexpected. Not that I want to, but I could theoretically live on half the income at that point, which makes the world a lot less scary.

So lesson learned for not properly investing as a 20-something. I mean, maybe it was good because I didn't have to split that kind of stuff in the divorce, but even if I did at least I wouldn't be so behind. Put some shit away, my young friends, and do up the 401k and the IRA. You'll thank me later.

You know what I really look forward to though? Not having to think about this stuff so much. It really is a drain on me. I'd rather think about what I want to do for Jeff Putz Day, or if Simon is going to get how to eat cereal tomorrow, or really anything that's truly now. Having goals is fine, but not at the expense of just seeing what's in front of me at this instant.


Tina Nelson, June 30, 2010, 4:56 AM #

That's what I keep telling my 20-something friends was well! If it's one thing I regret it's not putting money away at a very young age. If I started when I was 17, I would probably have a nice little nest egg by now. You never really think about that stuff in your 20's!

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