Finding the new normal

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 10:29 PM | comments: 0

As much as I've been fond of calling this year our 2009 do-over, it really hasn't been nearly as hard or complicated. I remember that year, sitting in one-on-one meetings with my manager at Microsoft, going on and on about how distracted I was and feeling like the world was all chaos. (We talked about work now and then, too.) This move, and everything associated with it, just isn't like that.

We're obviously still working things out as far as our routines and normal things. The house we're renting was a pretty quick settle, and honestly we almost feel a little weird about not staying "to term" with it. We really like it, and find it very comfortable. Our neighborhood won't change too much, as we're building less than five miles away. We've got plenty of convenient retail, and it's never an issue to find what we need. Restaurants are primarily chains, but we're looking for local stuff. There's an awesome ice cream/breakfast shop not far from us.

Disney World is super convenient, more than Cedar Point was, because it's so close. We go with Simon for a couple of hours, and have a good time. It will be fun to discover new things with him, if we can get him to stop talking about riding the monorail. It will be fun to do grown up stuff, too, like the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot. I don't know if the novelty will wear off after a few years, but I don't know why it would. We sure missed Cedar Point while we were in Seattle. I think we're theme park people.

Diana is filling in the blanks for Simon. She has a library card! There are no shortage of playgrounds. She's looking into parents groups and play groups, too. He's being tested by the school district for his delays.

Socially, we're a little isolated to an extent. I at least encounter grownups at work, but I bet Diana is ready for a little more. Fortunately, we have my BFF living here, and I know a few people here and there. The people network will certainly come over time. I'm actually not entirely sure how many people I know to varying degrees via Facebook who are in the area.

The really crazy thing is that it's not hard to find stuff to do. I mean, it wasn't hard in Cleveland or Seattle either, but just driving around here, you'll pass a hundred things to do. That's one up side to the tourist economy. Personally, I want to see a lot more live music. It's everywhere here.

The bottom line is that we're pretty comfortable already, and that makes me happy. So far so good on the job, too. I'm almost to the point where I can start diving into my projects in my spare time. Life is pretty good.


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