First CoasterBuzz Podcast "in the can"

posted by Jeff | Monday, September 26, 2005, 1:41 AM | comments: 1

The first audio news show for CoasterBuzz is done...

I'm amazed at how fast one can put something like this together. I decided I wanted to do this on Tuesday, and like that, I've got it done. It's so much easier to produce traditional media than it is to build a Web site. Sure, the equipment is more expensive, but the product is "real" in much less time. It's kind of a buzz to be doing it again!

The content itself isn't bad. It needs a lot of polish on my part, because I'm seriously out of practice in being an on-air personality. I haven't done audio production in like six years either, so I'm rusty all over. We chatted about the show afterward and I think we'll be able to clean it up and make it smoother next time.

I am pleased with the quality. Yeah, it was money I don't have, but buying the gear to do it right was certainly worth it. Perhaps I can nail down a sponsor and pay for that in the long run.


Neuski, September 26, 2005, 5:52 AM #

It was really cool.

I was afraid that you were going to go down the "computer route" when you mentioned it early. I'm glad you choose wisely.

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