First hibernation day of the season

posted by Jeff | Sunday, October 7, 2012, 9:48 PM | comments: 0

I didn't do anything today. I watched a little TV, and spent most of the day horizontal, or close to it. I had cider, a doughnut and pizza. The weather was rainy and cold. This was the first hibernation day of the season.

Life finally caught up with me today, and I decided early that it would be a day to let go of. You get into that routine, where you get up in the morning, go to work, come home (yes, technically these are the same place for me), have a little dinner, play with your kid and wash him up, try to squeeze in a few things you wanted to do before going to bed, and out you go.

I was having none of that today. My BFF was in town for a wedding and stayed with us last night, and after seeing her off early this morning, I went back to bed. Later, I watched TV with Simon, watched TV with Diana, and we shared pizza with some family. After Simon went to bed, I took a shower to clear my sinuses (something in the house is making my allergies go nuts), watched some more TV, and here we are. I didn't really even waste much time looking at the Internets.

It occurred to me during all of this loafing today that I have been switched on to epic proportions lately. With work and life, and maybe a little too much worry about stuff not worth worrying about. No wonder I find myself so tired at times.

As we wind through fall, with classic "jacket weather," feelings of dread creep in with the coming Cleveland weather. Fortunately, we already have a great deal of stuff planned to head some of it off. Days like today help me remember to let go a little and let my mind relax. It's classic Ferris Bueller stuff, journey not the destination, and that general category of stuff.


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