Five-year anniversary

posted by Jeff | Thursday, April 3, 2014, 10:06 PM | comments: 0

You know life is full when you see that you're celebrating a five-year wedding anniversary, and it feels both impossibly brief and impossibly long. I can't wrap my hear around that. Diana and I met just 7 years ago this May 31.

The reason it's so odd to think about is that we've packed a record amount of adventure into that amount of time. I can't think of any portion of my life, not even college, that is as dense with memories. There are the obvious things like having a child, which certainly dominates the story, to the 6,000 miles of moving we've done across five different houses.

I think I can generally say that being married to Diana has been easy. It's certainly not unicorns and puppies at all times, but I wouldn't characterize our relationship as difficult. We're susceptible to stress like anything else, and being parents would certainly wear us down even if Simon didn't have issues related to ASD or SPD. However, at the end of most any particular day, we can go to bed content with each other after six years of cohabitation.

Our roles have changed so much since we had Simon and moved to Seattle. Sometimes it feels very 1940's, where I'm the "breadwinner" and Diana is the "housewife." I hate those terms, but it has been hard at times, especially for Diana, to adapt to our current state. She worked her entire life prior to having Simon, and I never really had to be accountable for other people. It works though, because we both have provider personalities to some extent.

I love that Diana has been so open to the somewhat radical changes around location and work. I say that if it were all my idea, but she's the one who has been something of the world traveler prior to meeting me. She lived in New York, and went to school in exotic places like England and Cincinnati. I credit her with opening my eyes to what is possible.

What I love about Diana is how much she evolves. She never stops being interesting because there's always something new about her. She starts to listen to new music that I also like, she takes on new hobbies, and even her appearance changes in subtle ways over time. Boring she is not.

The truth is, I could not have predicted the future we now have, and that's pretty exciting. I have no idea how things will go in the future, but it's more exciting than scary with Red Delicious around!


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