Fixing stuff

posted by Jeff | Saturday, April 16, 2005, 12:48 AM | comments: 0

I took in Stephanie's car. Er, my old car. The '98 Corolla. The thing was vibrating like crazy at speed and I couldn't figure out why. I figured it had to be something in the drive train or the suspension to be that ugly. I never considered the obvious... that the rear tires were pretty much bald. Duh. Had them replaced as well as an alignment because the bad wheels pulled it way off. $200 I guess isn't so bad. At least the car can last a little while longer. 112,000 miles and we've never really had any significant repair for it, save for things like belts and filters. What a great car. It'll be kinda sad when we have to trade it in. I'm sure we'll get over it when it's replaced with a hybrid. :)

I'm still pretty pissed that the LCD in my little Canon S400 broke. I did some searching and found people with similar problems had Canon quoting them $200 or more, which is crazy because you can still find them hanging around new for around $250. Luckily I found a shop that sells the part for $35, so if I can get the puzzle apart, I can replace it myself. I can't believe that thing cost $500 two years ago.


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