Florida cold owns you

posted by Jeff | Sunday, November 2, 2014, 3:50 PM | comments: 0

As you might expect, I was defiant when we moved to Florida. "I'm gonna wear shorts every single day no matter what!" Last winter, I more or less did that, except for the day we had in the 30's. That was freakish.

Something happened over the summer though. Granted, it was a pretty brutal summer. Normally there are little breaks from the super heat, and you rarely see anything higher than 92, but July and September were tough. So when we started to finally see some reprieve toward the end of October, "jacket weather" was anything under 72.

Yesterday we skipped the open window weather and last night went to the turn on heat weather. The overnight low was mid-40's. During the day, it barely made it over 60 and it felt downright chilly with pants, a long-sleeve T-shirt and a hoodie on. It's true, Florida has turned us soft.

Compared this to Cleveland, where you bust out shorts every spring when it gets over 50. Or in Seattle, you just kind of wing it year-round because the total range of temperature isn't very large anyway.


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