Florida tornadoes

posted by Jeff | Sunday, February 4, 2007, 5:27 PM | comments: 1

The tornadoes that hit Florida last week you'd think was like the end of the world by watching TV. Indeed, 19 deaths was bad, but relatively speaking it was a tiny hit.

Since much of my family now lives in The Villages, I was a little worried when I saw the damage on TV, especially one set of homes next to a golf course, which my mom showed me when I was there in December. She said that the damage was pretty limited to a couple of specific places, and given the cooperative nature of the people who live there, everyone was helping out.

I have to say that while the whole concept of The Villages struck me as a developer's ploy to exploit retirees and older people, it totally works. People hang out, the nightly entertainment is a big deal. No one goes there to die, they go there to live.


Alex, February 4, 2007, 10:38 PM #

Haha, it couldn't have been too big of a deal, because I didn't hear anything about it.

Then again, I only watch TV for a few select shows.

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