Flowers, not finance (b-b-baby!)

posted by Jeff | Monday, June 19, 2006, 9:00 PM | comments: 0

Gold star to anyone that knows what CD that's from.

It seems like everything has to do with finances lately. Of course, that could be because of the huge five-digit numbers I racked up in debt to finance my video operation. I had one paying gig, and have another tentatively on the calendar though, so that's a plus.

My new mortgage is approved and being processed. I paid a higher rate to get a "no-cost" loan, but when I looked at the actual amortization over the next eight years, it's actually way cheaper to take the higher rate than spend oodles on closing costs. I can't see staying in this house that long, so that works for me. All I have to pay is money into the escrow account, and even that will come from a refund on the old escrow account. Hope to have a closing date soon.

I find myself spending money on small things for the business, and that annoys me. Even though I have all of my credit card debt at 0% to 3.9%, I want to make some meaningful progress. My first video shoot required stuff I didn't have, so I had to blow a couple hundred bucks there. Then my power supply on my computer died last week (which is what I get for buying $20 supplies... I spent more this time). And I think I recently bitched about the three toner carts for my printer.

I am excited to finally have my personal debt below $10k for the first time in ages, but I still wish I was getting it down faster. I find myself spending a lot of money eating out, buying "stuff" like DVD's, grills and beers at Cedar Point.

So Jeff, you might ask, why the hell are you going to Las Vegas for your birthday? Well, I haven't had a "real" vacation that lasted several days since going to Orlando in November 2004. Every other trip was like a 48 hour retreat or a working voyage. I deserve it, cost be damned!

In other news, my Schwan Guy, who is recovering from an injury that caused partial blindness, tells me that the breaded spicy chicken breast, a la the Wendy's sandwich only better, is coming back this fall. Wicked.


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