Food sickness

posted by Jeff | Friday, August 6, 2010, 7:59 PM | comments: 0

Lunch made me sick today. I won't say that it was food poisoning, because you need a bona fide hurl for that, but I got damn close. They have a "wok" station in one of the cafes, and they frequently have chili chicken and teriyaki chicken. When I first started, they were both pretty yummy. Today, they were vile, rubbery and primarily dark meat. They were nasty.

I was fine right after, shot some hoops (poorly), but by 1-something, I wasn't feeling right. I kind of dry-heaved, and honestly wanted to let go just to feel better. I went home.

The next two hours sucked, because I felt like I was always on the verge. Eventually I worked through it (with all kinds of discomfort), but it was not how I hoped to start the weekend. I find myself being very angry when something I ate makes me sick. Like someone else made something and I trusted that putting it into my body wouldn't do me harm.

The quality of the food at work has been going down hill lately, or at least, at the two nearest cafes. I wish we were closer to the other side of campus, near The Commons, where there's so much variety that you can generally land something good. It's disappointing, because I thought the stuff we had was pretty good when I started. The grill cook at the one is pretty good, and the other one has good pasta on Wednesdays, but generally it's become shit.


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