Four quick movie reviews

posted by Jeff | Monday, June 14, 2004, 11:13 PM | comments: 2
We rented movies for the first time in ages. Brief reviews...

Along Came Polly: I don't want Jennifer Aniston to be attractive because I don't think much of her as an actor. She looked pretty good in this movie though. Ben Stiller did his normal guy character pretty well, and the story wasn't bad. I think what would've made it more interesting is having the two leads be more extreme; Stiller more anal and Aniston being more of a free spirit.

Monster: Charlize Theron deserved the Oscar. Brilliant performance. I give credit to any movie that let's you feel sorry for someone so messed up. It was disturbing, but you couldn't look away. Particularly weird were the love scenes between Theron in her ugly makeup and Christina Ricci. You know there are hot chicks under all that, but it's still creepy.

Big Fish: Another brilliant story that is classic Tim Burton. Hard to describe it except to say you should go see it.

Thirteen: You've probably heard the summary about two thirteen-year old girls that spiral into a world of skipping school, shoplifting, drugs and blowjobs. The little girl from "Once and Again" (now 16, actually) was excellent and really delivered a class performance. What surprised me is that the other girl co-wrote the film, and it's semi-autobiographical. Scary shit I guess because you wonder if any measure of parenting could prevent it.


freeze, June 15, 2004, 1:57 PM #

We saw Along Came Polly last weekend. Will I ever see a movie that Jennifer Aniston doesn't play a fun-loving Rachel? Or a serious Rachel in Rock Star? Or a married Rachel in Bruce Almighty? Probably not.

Thirteen is a good movie. That's southern Stark County everyday.

Neuski, June 15, 2004, 2:52 PM #

I watched ACP last Friday. I'm going to agree with you Jeff that extreme versions of the characters would have been much better. The previews made me believe that they would have exhibited their quirky characteristics more.

My Bottom Line: Aniston was a hot. She was a "Rachel," but a hot Rachel. I have seen Stiller do much better work. I'm really looking forward to Dodgeball.

I wish I could comment on Big Fish. I ended up falling asleep during the movie, but it wasn't from boredom.

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