Friday Fried Food at Finaghty's

posted by Jeff | Saturday, August 13, 2011, 8:27 PM | comments: 0

We've managed to create a little mini-tradition in the last year. There's a little bar around the corner called Finaghty's that we've been frequenting since we moved last fall. The food is not bad, the beverage assortment excellent. It's the atmosphere and the staff that we love the most though.

Unfortunately, with the cool weather, we haven't had a lot of chances to go there and sit outside. I think we've done it maybe four or five times all summer. Last night, however, we had a great chance, and met up with Joe's family, too. We had the two tables on the one side, so it was like we were able to corral the three kids in and have our own private little party.

This has been a great time for us. We've gone a ton of times over the last year, but the outdoor visits are the best. People come by with their dogs, which Simon absolutely loves. The sun is not brutal. The wait staff loves Simon, too, and they always know we'll start with a couple of Strongbows.

In a summer that has been mostly amusement park free, I'm glad that we've been able to mark it with some great memories.


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