Friday the 13th was my bitch today

posted by Jeff | Friday, August 13, 2010, 6:35 PM | comments: 0

Work was good. Our new director wants to see the prototype app I've been working on (guess I better make a sincere effort to make it semi-functional between now and then). I had a good one-on-one with my boss about another process I've not adequately challenged myself. In this case, it's around code reviews, and how formal code review is less constructive than just improving what's already there, perhaps pairing with the person who wrote the code. So it's nice to be learning at work.

Meanwhile, I'm really happy about our dev team. We lunch together pretty much every day, and even our director joined us today. We do our games of HORSE, and everyone is actually shooting better. Even though we work in three or four different teams, we've got a nice social thing going on, and that's a nice feeling.

I left work about an hour early so we could go out for dinner a little early, as a family. We tried a new local place, and though I wasn't impressed with the decor, it was really delicious. And one entree was free with my Microsoft Prime card. Simon enjoyed it, and we sat outside (the only ones, as people here seem very 80's averse).

Diana is winding down with some Xbox action, I'm surfing for porn (in the figurative sense, since no one seems to appreciate that Internet humor), and Simon is sleeping. Today has been a very good day.


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