Fringe is back!

posted by Jeff | Thursday, September 17, 2009, 11:11 PM | comments: 0

We decided not to just let the DVR catch it and watched Fringe live tonight. That show is so ridiculously awesome. It looks like the cliff hanger from the end of last season won't be resolved any time soon, but rather was the impetus for the start of this season's new weirdness. Already we have a new character poking around, a relationship revealed that is completely odd, a dead principle character (sort of) and some assurance that we're going to see more of Leonard Nimoy before the end of the season.

This show absolutely fills the void left by Alias. I love it when they make subtle references to it as well. The challenge is going to be to continue building a story arc that doesn't keep folding back on itself, and keeps bringing new things to the table. It also has to reveal enough that you don't end up just being annoyed, something that apparently has chased off a lot of Lost fans. So far, I think the story telling is a lot more concise than Alias, even with the ambiguity they constantly inject into it. It feels like it's going somewhere.

House starts next week, and I assume we'll be waiting until January for 24 to start. Other than that, there's nothing from previous years that I want to see. Sure, there's Clone Wars and Venture Bros., but those aren't the same level as the big network shows. I have high hopes for FlashForward, and maybe Trauma (I wanna see another show shot on Red cameras).


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