Fuck you, Fox! I hate you!

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, April 7, 2004, 1:31 PM | comments: 2
I knew it was coming from the time I saw the first episode. Fox already cancelled Wonderfalls, the first new show I've seen in years that was actually worth watching. Fucking bastards.

They put the thing on at 9 on Friday night. What the hell kind of ratings did they expect? Follow ABC's lead and develop shows on Friday night instead of expecting the next American Idol.

Fucking Fox.



April 7, 2004, 7:36 PM # I totally agree. I can name a handful of other shows they did the same thing to - The American Embasy, Girl's Club, Boston Public (which has great ratings on Mondays, but was killed in the move to Friday), Futurama, etc.

Just because the shows don't immediately get into the top 10, they ditch them without giving them a chance to develop a following. Then, they throw on some damn reality show as if that keep longtime viewers.


April 8, 2004, 12:19 AM # When Family Guy went bye-bye, so did I. Fox has a lot of great shows but never develop them properly.

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