Fun podcast, fun times ahead

posted by Jeff | Monday, September 7, 2009, 1:04 AM | comments: 0

We had a good time with the podcast tonight. We had Tony from CP on for a bit at the front too. No idea why, but one of the previous shows that he was on is still the most popular ever I think, with over 3,800 downloads. As usual, we also had a good time shooting the shit before and after. We sound a bit like a knitting circle or something.

Also looks like we'll have a really nice group for both of our events this month, even though both will be Gonch free. Looks like we actually have three straight weeks of stuff coming up here, with a reception for the haunt stuff at CP this weekend, BooBuzz after that, and then the Fall Affair. Fall at amusement parks just gets better every year.


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