Furniture adjustments almost there

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, October 14, 2009, 9:58 PM | comments: 0

Today I said goodbye to the black leather furniture. Wow, if that couch could talk. Lots of good memories there. And naps. But it and the tables are gone, being enjoyed in the basement of a family on the far west side. We got a little money for it, about 15% of what it cost nine years ago. It had a good run.

I gotta say, it was weird to see it go, even more so than the pinball machine. Along with the e-mail today from the movers (background check is done) and a date for new employee orientation, it feels more real than ever. I don't think I'll truly get my head around this until I'm somewhere in the mountain time zone.

Still have a few more things to unload with family, and we'll be a lot more slender. The issue isn't one of moving stuff (we don't have to pay for it) as much as we're downsizing to a smaller place.


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