Game 7

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, June 22, 2005, 1:26 AM | comments: 2

What do you know, the NBA finals will actually go to seven games. I'm shocked. The first four games were boring blowouts, but the last two have been exciting, and now it comes down to the wire.

I like the Pistons because they're so strong on defense. It makes them more interesting to watch. Volleyball is that way too. I also like Larry Brown, because when you see him in interviews or the audio from the bench, the guy genuinely loves the game and loves his players. The NBA, and pro sports in general, lack that kind of passion, so it's fun to see.

I'd like to have people over to watch Thursday, but I don't think any of my friends actually care. :)


CPLady, June 22, 2005, 1:01 PM #

I was shocked to hear they went into game 7 when I got up this morning. Even Ian wasn't confident they'd pull off a win last night.

Now, can they pull it off tomorrow?

freeze, June 22, 2005, 2:19 PM #

First of all, you...blogging about...sports. I think Satan is buying a heater somewhere.

Candy and I were in and out of sleep while watching game 6 last night. We would come by and watch but you're too damn far. Besides, it's a school night.

But I would love to do lunch becasue I'm always hungry.

For the game, it's hard to call. Both teams deserve the trophy. Tomorrow will be a classic. The last time there was a game 7 in the NBA, it was interupted by a low-speed chase on the LA freeway (some former football player...).

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