Garbage Garbage Garbage

posted by Jeff | Sunday, July 3, 2005, 11:58 PM | comments: 0

There's a Garbage show on DirecTV's "Freeview" channel this month, kind of a mix of the videos, a live performance from Fuse and some promo interview clips for the Bleed Like Me album.

It's hard to believe now that it was almost ten years ago that we saw them in tiny Peabody's Downunder with a couple hundred other people (and the lame-ass top 40 station where I was a jock couldn't get me tickets). When I look at all of the stuff I'm listening to right now, Garbage is the only band that was around then and is still making music. And fuck, if they don't get some Grammy love this time, I'll be super pissed. It's their best album thus far.

Sometimes I'll hear one of their songs and totally forget it was out. Like "The World Is Not Enough," "#1 Crush" (soundtracks), or "Girl Don't Come" and "Afterglow" (B-sides). There's just so much they've done!

I remember just before Version 2.0 came out I was a regular visitor to, but that fucking loser stopped maintaining his site, the best unofficial site at the time, just because he didn't like Beautiful Garbage, saying the band wasn't doing what they were "famous" for. What the hell? Why do people expect bands to make the same fucking album over and over? It didn't work for Def Leppard (although it has managed to work for Metallica for like 20 years now).

After seeing them five times, associating those shows with various stages in my life, and literally modifying my attitude by certain lyrics of various songs, I have to say that Garbage is now the single most important band in my musical experience. I hope they can continue to get along enough to keep recording.

So to Shirley, Butch, Duke and Steve, thanks for a decade of great music. Hope to see you in Cleveland again!


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