Getting up for school

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, April 12, 2023, 8:32 AM | comments: 0

This is one of those rare mornings where I have to attend to Simon in the morning, because Diana has an unusual early day shift. It makes me realize how weird it all is. He doesn't have to even get out of bed until after 8, and has be at school by 9:30. It's crazy how late that is, though it makes picking him up easier since he gets out at 4 most days, which I do when Diana works in the evenings.

But he has it crazy easy at the moment. High school will be certifiably awful, because he'll be getting up before the sun. I remember hating this myself, getting up before my parents, and falling asleep in class and struggling to stay awake. I'm sure it did not help with my grades, and knowing now that I have ADHD, I felt like I had a lot working against me. What's ridiculous since then is that there are mountains of data to show how terrible this early school is for the purpose of learning. It doesn't change because of bus schedules and parental expectations.

Just a reminder that being a teenager sucks. I suppose I'm happy for people who didn't hate it, but it wasn't a great time for me. I hope it sucks less for Simon, but so much of it is out of our control.


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