Good dialog is what makes good movies

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, March 5, 2002, 5:21 PM | comments: 0

It's funny the way a lot of movies with hot chicks are outright lame without said females. Sure, it's two hours of eye candy, but it's the film equivalent of getting a hooker. You get your rocks off, but still feel empty inside afterward.

That's why I dig movies with good dialog. Action is nice to have, sure, but clever dialog goes a long way. What made me think of this is O Brother, Where Art Thou? Aside from being the only movie where George Clooney actually earned his salary, the dialog is hysterical. What's more, it's perfectly tuned to the period and locale. Funny thing about it, the Coen brothers (who wrote and directed the film) have been outstanding in this area in all of their movies. For example, The Big Lebowski was Gulf War era SoCal while Fargo was the upper Midwest, probably 80's.

Quentin Tarantino has a similar gift, though it seems to be limited to stylistic crime movies. Between Pulp Fiction's "Eatin' a bitch out and givin' a bitch a foot message ain't even in the same fuckin' ballpark" and Reservoir Dog's revealing look at Madonna's Like a Virgin, there's so much there that you're convinced these were real conversations.

What all these films have in common is that you remember the dialog. Because dialog is, in my opinion, the basis for community and society, you remember it. When it comes to a choice between boobs and dialog in a film, it's a tough choice.

When are these guys going to really do both?


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