Good professional stuff

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, December 5, 2006, 7:38 PM | comments: 0

Yesterday I was chatting with the guy I consider the resident genius at work about some of the things I was working on. He said if he has time that he'll look at some of my forum stuff, which is awesome because I feel largely like I've been working in a vacuum. He already helped me in one regard, to finally realize that storing something like a profile picture is OK to do in the database.

I feel like I've made some pretty good strides with it lately. I keep checking things off "the list," even if I do end up adding some minor things to it. The next major thing on the list to implement is the paging for topics and threads. The database part of that isn't hard at all. It's the caching part that is fairly challenging. One of the reasons it's so slow today is because it caches an entire thread at a time, which is a lot of database reading to do.

I'm supposed to get code from Federated Media today, and since the business day hasn't ended in San Francisco, I expect that I will. It'll be interesting to see what kind of ads they serve from their remnant inventory. Good high paying stuff is still a couple of months out as their sales force gets to selling CoasterBuzz. Pretty exciting stuff if they can deliver.


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