Good shrinkage

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, September 1, 2009, 12:30 PM | comments: 0

I hope the tone of recent posts hasn't implied that life sucks, because really there are a lot of good things going on right now. The things that are suboptimal come largely out of things I can't control, so naturally it makes sense to focus on what I can.

One of those things is to lose a bit of weight. I've been awful about riding the bike the last few weeks, but I'm not been willing to beat myself up over it in light of the digestive distress and that silly rash (both of which are history I think). Even without the riding, I have been sticking to eating better, and after eight weeks or so, I'm down nine pounds. Frankly it has been pretty easy for me, and I generally have not been stress eating, snacking or trying to pack in twice as much food as I used to.

I'm about 14 pounds down from the honeymoon. My goal was to be my 2005 Fall Affair weight by this year's event, and I should just about make it. I'm interested to see how far I can go beyond that. Another 10 to 20 pounds would be ideal. I'm already 34" in the waist, so hopefully whatever I lose comes from the gut because I really don't want to make more pants obsolete. Regardless, it's nice to feel lighter again, and hopefully I can keep the modified behavior in place.


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