Gotta let go of the science projects

posted by Jeff | Thursday, July 31, 2008, 6:43 PM | comments: 1

I love to screw around and tinker with things, trying stuff I've not done before. Sometimes these science projects lead to something cool (if completely emulating something else), like the little auto-complete/token list I did for the forum's private message "to" field. That's fun stuff.

But sometimes I get too stupid about it. Sunday night I was messing with the drag-and-drop reordering list control in the ASP.NET AJAX toolkit. I thought it might be something neat to use in ordering and ranking your coaster track record. But for a reason I don't even remember, I didn't like how it worked. So I figured I'd try to build my own. The truth is, I think I can pull it off, but I'm not going to be "self-employed" forever, and I'm pulling myself off of making more meaningful progress.

As I've indicated before, my immediate goal is to get that site to a manageable code base where I can quickly iterate and add stuff as I go. Big bang moments are not helpful because they're too hard to get to.


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