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OK... here's my streaming Grammy reactions.

I often forget that Prince can play guitar. When he's not busy being weird, he's a hell of a musician. I quickly forgot that though when Beyonce got on stage. Anyone who doesn't think that she is, without question, the hottest woman on the planet right now doesn't like girls. Seriously, she's got everything in terms of looks, and she can sing and dance. She deserved her Grammy.

The Beatles tribute was cool. It's odd how all of my life they've kind of come and gone as far as public awareness, but there's no question that they'll be remembered always.

Very cool to see No Doubt win. That album was excellent, and I got a lot of mileage out of it last year.

Christina's "Beautiful" isn't a great song, but appropriate for all of the shit she's taken about her hair color, piercings and weight. Frankly I like the freaky chicks, so you know how I feel about it.

The White Stripes continue to blow me away. If they tour and swing through Cleveland, I have to see them. They were very much the savior of "real" rock music this year. I can't remember the last time I heard a guitar solo that kicked ass, but on "Ball and a Buscuit," there are actually three in the same songs that I absolutely love.

So the dude from Outkast is nowhere to be found, presumably because he's going to perform, then he shows up, says thanks and walks away? That was kind of low-class and disappointing because I was really pulling for them or Missy for best rap album. Regardless, at least it wasn't given to one of the tired me-too bitches-n-hoes rappers. Fuck am I tired of them.

Amy Lee from Evanescence presented an award. Beyonce might be just raw sex, but Amy Lee is making it cool to be a goth chick. She's so cute and freaky. Steph and I were talking the other day about how there's freaky for the sake of being freaky, as so many high school kids do, and then there's the classy kids and 20 to 30-somethings that have grown up to make it their own kind of thing. We've seen these folks at shows for years, hopefully the giant-pants-short-hair kids will catch on.

JT won an award, and surprisingly managed to handle the whole Janet boob thing in a fairly respectable manner. He seems to be handling fame pretty well so far. You can also tell that he really gives it his all in his performance. He's a real showman.

Blacked Eyed Peas I'm interested in, and everytime I've seen them I get a little bit more interested. They still haven't had that "must have" single, but I do like their sound.

Evanescence scores best new artist. Thank God! I totally agree with Amy Lee's comment that it really took fans to get them on the radio because they're not like the rest of the "dick rock" in radio.

And Fifty Cent... you are a worthless me-too piece of shit and I hope they never let you at another Grammy show. No one will care about you in a few years.

Snoop Dog gets best dressed.

The whole funk thing was cool, tied together by Sam Jackson (did you see Quinten in the background?), but I'm sorry, George Clinton is way passed his prime.

Nice performance by the Foo Fighters. I really think Dave Grohl is a good song writer.

Coldplay for record of the year. I think they're worthy, and a friend loaned me the CD, but I've not yet listened to it. Perhaps now I have a reason!

Sarah McLaclan is way cute again. She's got the greatest chill out music ever.

For fuck's sake. Warren Zevon getting best rock duo/group? Why, because he's dead? White Stripes were screwed.

Album of The Year could've gone to really anyone. Outkast was certainly worthy, and they illustrate that doing something different in the hip-hop realm not only sells records, but gets you critical attention as well. Well done!

Overall, I think music is finally getting interesting again. For people like me that depend on music for drive, that's a good thing.



February 9, 2004, 2:22 AM # Ball and Biscuit is indeed a great freakin' song. Their performance blew me away as always, especially when they broke into their Blind Willie McTell cover, Death Letter, from their second album, De Stijl. Right now I'm just sitting here eager to see if Dylan wins anything.


February 9, 2004, 5:22 AM # The whole Warren Zevon thing has me completely puzzled as well... White Stripes definetly got jipped there. You've definetly gotta give the Coldplay CD a go, very high quality stuff indeed if you're in that particular mood.


February 9, 2004, 12:28 PM # I found this analysis of the performances and presenters on Yahoo this morning. It's interesting to note the behavior of all the artists.


February 9, 2004, 3:24 PM # Don't you know already, when it comes to Grammies, dead people trump talent. They also sell lots of records too.

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