Growing pains are real

posted by Jeff | Saturday, October 19, 2013, 11:54 AM | comments: 0

I think we're in for some interesting times with Simon. I'm very convinced that he's on a growing tear right now. There are so many things I've noticed just in the last week. His hands don't look like little sausages anymore. If he has food he even remotely likes, he f's it up in record time. Dude put away almost an entire box of Annie's Mac the other day. And while I don't know if this is scientifically proven, he has been clumsy lately, which allegedly is a sign of rapid growth. My boy isn't so little anymore. When I pick him up for "hugs!" it's like his legs are dragging on the floor.

That got me to thinking about "growing pains." I know I had them when I was a kid, and right in the age ranges the medical sites suggest (preschool and grade school/pre-teen). The same literature suggests it's not so much a symptom of the growing itself, but a result of intense athletic activity at those ages. It's just that we're more prone to it at certain ages. That makes sense to me. It stands to reason that if a kid has a big day of play, he or she is going to feel it.

If Simon gets the pains, that's going to suck for him. All you want is for someone to rub your legs and be there, and that still doesn't really make it entirely better.


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