Had enough of the sick

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, May 30, 2012, 10:21 PM | comments: 0

If you don't want to read about snot, skip this post.

Diana and I have been battling sickness since last weekend. For her, she got all gross in the chest, but was fine on Sunday if you ignore that her voice was gone. By late that night, I had broken into a full fever, and she was coughing.

Monday, my fever persisted into the afternoon, and I felt generally awful. It was still entirely an upper respiratory phenomenon. Diana's coughing got worse. Last night, we both had coughing, and I've been draining ever since. That's two nights without any meaningful sleep, and we're struggling to keep up.

I sure hope tonight is better. Simon appears to be beating the odds, not symptomatic of anything, though he has been waking up with a great deal of coughing. Perhaps his frequent tantrums keep his sinuses free and clear.


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