Half way through my week

posted by Jeff | Thursday, July 5, 2007, 6:01 PM | comments: 1

Well, I'm half way through what I've been calling Jeff Putz week, and for the most part it has been a fairly relaxing affair. I hated being at work for Monday and Tuesday, but whatever.

Friday night I saw a community theater production of Big River with Diana (a woman I've been out with a couple of times), and I really enjoyed that. Saturday and Sunday were fairly chilled out, with Saturday being the iPhone quest and hot tub water replacement day, and then a movie on Sunday.

Monday was the actual day, which included BWW with Kristin and Jeff, the Transformers. I think I mentioned that movie is the tits. I might go see it again tomorrow morning.

Tuesday was uneventful, though I cleaned up the house a little since fellow CF'er Carrie was crashing here so we could hit Cedar Point. It occurred to me that I really need to get another bed for one of the spare rooms, because it's silly to make people crash on my couches, however comfortable they might be. I think that will have to wait until the carpet is replaced in those rooms.

Carrie and I spent a surprising length of time at CP, which makes sense since she had not been there since '89, the year Magnum opened. It's fun to go with someone who gets all giddy and isn't used to the place. I'll write a trip report if I'm motivated enough today. She was blown away by Maverick, and underwhelmed by the fireworks. Crowd was manageable given the threat of rain all day.

This morning the new couch was delivered. It's enormous! Why do they always look so much smaller in the store? I did measure, to make sure it would fit, but man is it big. I love it! I had to do some furniture rearranging, but I was surprised to see how easily I could fit the pinball machine behind my desk. The room feels very functional now as a lounge, office, place to read, and even a place to party. I'm so happy with it.

I bought myself a year subscription to Entertainment Weekly for ten bucks, thanks to Jeff who found a sweet link to do so.

The rest of the week will hopefully involve a great deal of writing code. That's my plan. I really want to buckle down and make some shit happen. In between, I hope to start ripping up carpet from the upstairs so I can get rolling on that, even if it's only a couple of rooms at a time. I want to reclaim that space.

Overall, it has been nice to spend time with friends, by myself, and doing what I feel like doing. And I'm managing to do it without a great deal of travel!


CPLady, July 6, 2007, 12:12 AM #

You might consider an air bed. We broke down and got a queen sized Coleman one for the times when both Ian is home and mom spends the night.

They are surprising comfortable as you can adjust how "firm" you want it to be based upon how much air you put in. The neat part is you let the air out and it folds up to be put away or can be used when traveling.

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