Heading toward specialization

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, February 1, 2005, 12:28 PM | comments: 0

My team is at the point now where it's starting to become very clear what roles each individual player will start to fill. Beyond the two middles, libero and setter, I can say with confidence who will be my primary right-side hitter (opposite the setter in a 5-1) and who will fill the other two swing hitter spots. I've even got the subs pretty much figured out.

It all worked out pretty well this year. I ended up keeping 10 kids, against my better judgment (I've usually had only nine), but it works. One setter, one libero, two middles, six kids that can operate to varying capacities as swing hitters, DS's and all-arounds. For the first time ever I've actually got a capable bench. I can play the best kids and sub them out for rest or when they're having a tough time.

From this point forward, practice is going to be more specialized. I'm comfortable with what everyone is capable with now, so there's no point in having DS's spend a ton of time hitting or having everyone hit on the right side.

Twelve days to the first tournament...


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