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posted by Jeff | Thursday, July 3, 2008, 5:27 PM | comments: 1

Let me start by saying that I'm thankful for the fact that I have skills that are in demand. Within 12 hours of posting my resume to Monster, I've been getting hammered with calls and e-mail. It's a seller's market where I live, and that's awesome for me.

That said, there are unfortunately a lot of recruiters just trying to land that commission, and it's annoying. Here are some of the things I'm battling:

If your position says "PHP" and my resume says "ASP.NET," then it's probably a good idea to not engage me for that. That seems pretty basic to me.

If you have a position available in Nebraska, and I live in Ohio, then that's probably not for me either. "Just off I-71 in Lexington, Kentucky," is not on my way to anything either, even though I live just off I-71 myself (just 300 miles down the road). Columbus is not close to Cleveland either.

If you aren't forthright about what the position involves or who the company is, you know, I'm just not that interested. There are countless others that I'm already talking to who lay it all out there.

Low paying gigs for people with "1+ years" of experience are probably not a good match for me. Again, see resume.

If you act like a used car salesman, I'm hanging up the phone.



JRY13SP, July 3, 2008, 10:32 PM #

Jamie posted her resume to Monster and got almost immediate responses as well.

Good luck in finding a new position that you will enjoy!

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