Heroin, babies and bad attitudes

posted by Jeff | Monday, March 31, 2003, 10:49 AM | comments: 0

A relative of mine is apparently a heroin addict.

About three years or so, he nearly died of an overdose, and I just learned that he repeated that instance twice after. He was supposed to get married this summer, but she broke it off when she discovered he wasn't clean. He has a month to get his shit together and win her back, and in the mean time they're seperated. At this point, we're all hoping this is just a setback, not a terminal failure. He's getting help this week.

On Steph's side of the family, one of her relatives has been pregnant since September. She's a high school drop out, no job, no car. A real bona fide loser, and soon, a mother.

This weekend, my volleyball kids failed to meet my expectations, in part because of their inability to listen to us, and partly because they're worried about all of the things they shouldn't be worrying about (namely what other players are doing, what the lineups are, etc.). Some of them had really shitty attitudes.

Odd as it may seem, these three events, which all have me irritated, angry or sad, are all related. They're all examples of people who have a strong effect on you by doing things you have no control over. You're drawn into their failures even if you have absolutely nothing to do with them. The worst part is that you feel bad for even recognizing that you have nothing to do with them, that you should feel bad just for the sake of being sympathetic.

What's that all about? Why the hell should you be miserable because people close to you are? It absolutely sucks.

I resolve to rise above it and keep my own life in order, but it's not easy. Fortunately at least, I've got someone to wake up next to every morning that makes things a little easier.


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