He's Just Not That Into You: chick flick

posted by Jeff | Sunday, February 15, 2009, 12:35 AM | comments: 0

Yeah, we saw it today, as it seemed like an appropriate movie for Valentine's Day. Surprisingly crowded for the first matinee of the day, too. You have to figure that anything with that many A-list actors would be a draw, even in the second week.

I know I've said it before if I haven't blogged it, but Ginnifer Goodwin was the real draw and the big performance in Mona Lisa Smile, despite not getting top billing, and she was pretty good in Walk The Line as well. But even in this movie, she was buried at the bottom of the movie poster. And she was still better and more interesting than any of the A-listers (except perhaps Scarlett Johansson, but she can do no wrong in my eyes).

And who was the other one we loved to watch? Justin Long, of course. Granted it's hard to see him in a normal role after Zack and Miri, but the dude is genuinely funny.

What's with Bradley Cooper being in everything now? He's gonna be in a movie with Sandra Bullock too, which is weird because she's like ten years older than him (although I guess she doesn't look it). He's still Will Tippin from Alias to me. (Speaking of which, why does Jennifer Garner have to be in a movie now with fucking Matthew McConaughey? I hate that guy for nearly ruining Contact.)

The saving grace of this chick flick is that it's not a big cluster fuck of a happy ending for the entirely huge ensemble cast. Well, not strictly speaking anyway. I think it instead suggests that your happy ending might actually have nothing to do with landing a mate.


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